I am Enchanted

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Mermaids are the matrons of enchantment, entreating sailors with beguiling beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. Seductive and charming, all those in contact with mermaids are subject to their persuasion.

They can be symbolic of letting our hearts and our passion overrule the analytical mind. Sometimes the stuff we are attracted to doesn’t have to make sense. Especially these days when conformity, conservatism and over-thinking can be soul-numbing.

Each bracelet is uniquely made (no two will ever be alike) and will include a mixture of the the following stones (some may have different sizes and shapes of the stones to add unique qualities and dimensions):

Agate: Inner strength, balance and spiritual growth.

Amethyst: Calming and peace.

Howlite: Patience and Ambitions

Imperial Jasper: Balancing, Stabilizing,

Aventurine, Wealth, health, Good Fortune,

Quartz: Amplification, Intuition, clarity, Jade, Cleansing, tranquility, wisdom,

Fancy Jasper: Practicality,

Carnelian: Love, Courage, Grounding,

Jasper: Determination, Nurturer, support,

Hematite: Grounding, Protecting, mind,

Magnesite: Self-Worth,

Tiger’s-Eye, Mental-Focus, Confidence, Will-Power,

Lava: Grounding, Protecting, Balancing, Strengthening, Uplifts, invigorates, joy, playfulness, positive energy

Stone Size: 8mm

Stretch Cord