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Amethyst – Protective, Calming, Dissolving of Negativity, Enhances Mental Focus, Raises Intuition and Awareness

Quartz – Known as the “Master Healer”, Draws in Positive Energy, Encourages Mental Clarity and Concentration, Balances Emotional and Physical Body

Lava – Grounding and Calming, Aids in Shedding Unneeded Layers of Emotional Attachment.

This stunning bracelet reflects the top energy channels of our body, which sits at the crown of our heads. The stones in Clarity help to manifest a deeper connection to our Divine Source and our truest mind and body: our authentic self. When mind chatter gets to be too loud, leave it to the metaphysical elements of this bracelet to relieve obsessive attachments, thoughts, and negative energy. Calm and a sense of peace will follow. Regain stillness. Get Clarity.

Stretch Cord

Stone size: 8mm