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Essential Oil Testimonials

"I have used the ArOmis diffuser throughout my pregnancy and it has made it go so much smoother!  I experienced terrible morning sickness in my first trimester and diffused peppermint in the morning which helped out a ton.  At night I diffuse lavender to help me relax & fall asleep. The diffuser works great and is beautiful as well.  I will be buying one for my car soon too!"

Betsy B.

“I used to get sick all the time as a nurse … It was almost a monthly thing that I would come down with a cold and when we (my family) started using essential oils & diffusers; that stopped. I actually went two years with only one cold.”

Christine R.

“I use our focus blend at my desk at the office, my body gets trained to associate that scent with productive time. The habit of the diffuser office ritual puts me in the work mode.”

Sara P

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